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Unherd is on a mission to educate and inform

Introducing high schoolers to the diverse career options available to them

There are three main challenges that our high schoolers face today –


Lack of awareness

Most high schoolers have limited knowledge of diverse industry verticals and find it difficult to navigate and choose a path that best suits their interests and skill sets.


Absence of the right support

Students rely on family members and teachers for information, who, while well-meaning, lack the industry knowledge or expertise that a professional mentor brings to the table.


Concerns on pursuing offbeat careers

Parents often express doubts about their children pursuing unconventional careers because they often do not know what a career choice entails.


Indian students (14 -21 years)
know of just 7 career options even though there are 250+ career options available in India.
Source: India Today

At Unherd, we urge students to take out time to explore careers, speak to industry mentors and then arrive at an informed decision

Experiential Teaching

Students get first-hand experience of the real-life challenges that they are likely to encounter when they join the industry.

Mentorship Classes

Experienced industry professionals share their learnings to guide students in making informed career decisions.

Project-Based Learning

Mentors equip students with deeper knowledge about the career by working with them on on live projects/case studies.

Our selection process is based on the application form and interview rounds only. We do not consider grades or school performance.

Our values

Nurturing Potential

Success can be attained with the right guidance. We want all students to tap their full potential by making informed career decisions.

Building Purpose

We are just not preparing our students to get career ready. We want them to be problem solvers who can make a difference in the world through their professional choices.

Equal Opportunities

We are committed to building a culture where students feel valued and included irrespective of their school performance, ethnic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

Our impact

2200+ students

have attended our mentorship to explore their career options.


have shared their skills, knowledge and expertise with school students.

72 schools

have had their students attend Unherd’s mentorship classes.

As of January 2024

Note from the founder

At Unherd, we believe young students, making uninformed career decisions, is a big issue and all of us must come together to solve this problem.

Unherd was founded in April 2017 with the belief that interests balanced with the right skill sets are critical for a successful and fulfilling career. What began as a pilot project, with just 15 students, is today a platform that seeks to reach out to every high schooler in India.

From low-income students in Bangalore, and orphans in Hyderabad, to students from prestigious private schools, the demographics of our classes are representative of the country’s demographics. All of our students are united by a common curiosity to find their purpose, explore possible careers first-hand and learn the vital skills that can make a positive difference in the world. With your support, we can build a future where the next generation can thrive and make a difference, fueled by their interests and strengths.


Alister D’Monte
Founder & CEO,