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Build a pipeline of productive talent

Joining hands with Unherd gives brand partners the unique opportunity to skill their future workforce.

At Unherd, we work closely with corporate partners, organizations and individuals to help high schoolers become career ready. We collaborate with our partners to jointly develop solutions, programs and curriculum that strengthen students’ confidence and paves their way for a bright future.

Why Skill Young India?

Research points towards there being a huge gap between students’ skills and industry expectations –

80% of Indian engineers are unemployable and only 2.5% of them possess the tech skills that the industry seeks.

Source: India Today

By 2030 more than 50% of Class 12 graduates will lack the skills to get jobs.

Source: Business Insider, India

Partner with Us: Make a Difference

At Unherd, we work with our brand partners to design customized programs to skill future workforces. We, along with corporate partners, organizations and professional individuals, have taken the onus to invest in creating job-ready future employees.

Unherd collaborated with Akamai Technologies in Bangalore to design a GirlsInCode program for 15 high-school girls. Here is the impact the initiative had on future women in tech.

We are grateful to these incredible organizations that are committed to skilling up young India.

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