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Explore a Career
as a Psychologist

Thinking about a career in psychology but not sure if it is the right career for you? Come join us for a certified online career mentorship exclusively for teenagers (14-to-18-year-olds) who are curious to learn about the field of Psychology before making their career decision.

Selection based on application form and phone interview.
Certified Program Fee: Rs. 9,500/- (all inclusive)

Program Dates and Timings: June 24 to August 7,
every Monday and Wednesday, 5 PM to 6:30 PM IST

We are offering a few students (14-to-18 years old) an online career mentorship in Psychology with a Mumbai-based organization, Saantvan. Above all, this is an experiential learning program exclusively for pre-college students who wish to test the waters and see if Psychology is their true calling. So, if you wonder how psychologists work, wish to experience the know-how of counselling sessions, or just looking to learn from psychologists – here’s an opportunity to be mentored about your career
by experienced industry professionals themselves.

Mentorship Program Dates & Timings: June 24 to August 7,
every Monday and Wednesday, 5 PM to 6:30 PM IST

14 Online Career Mentoring Sessions, 60 to 90 mins each.

Certified Program Fee: Rs. 9,500/- (all inclusive)

Career Introduction

In this mentorship, you get to explore what it takes to be a psychologist firsthand from experienced psychologists, Minal and Surbhi. In particular, interact directly with your new mentors about various aspects of your career, such as college choices, work hours, salary expectations, and any inquiries you have about the field of Psychology.

Mock Counselling Sessions

Immerse yourself in clinical counselling by conducting mock therapy sessions that give you invaluable hands-on experience. Furthermore, acquire the technical skills necessary for effective counselling, and most importantly, you get to apply diverse therapy methods during your simulated counselling sessions.

Case studies on Psychology

Use case study methods to examine how theories are put into practice in real-world settings to address intricate cognitive challenges. Additionally, grasp the practical implications of psychology in tackling cognitive issues across diverse populations.


Learn from a Psychiatrist about their profession, their collaboration with Psychologists and how it is different compared to Psychology. Above all, understand the complex structure of the human brain and how it can affect the behaviour, personality, thoughts, and well-being of an individual.

Applied Psychology Project

Apply your learnings to practice! For instance, work on a research topic or a group project and additionally present your topic with the guidance of your new mentors.

College and Career Ready

Get ready for college! In other words, upon completing this program, students will emerge equipped, aware, and informed about psychology topics. This preparation will not only make them ready for university but also lay a solid foundation for their future careers.

What will I Learn?

This is an intensive Mentorship for those who are interested in learning about a career in Psychology. For instance, students work on assignments, discuss cases, conduct mock counselling sessions, work on a project and build a strong foundation with the end goal of learning about a career in psychology and behavioural sciences. Moreover, the curriculum is crafted to make students aware and informed about the profession along with the skills required in the field of Psychology.

Classes to be conducted online on Zoom
Certified Program Fee: Rs. 9500/- (all inclusive)

The Mentorship Process

Apply online

Fill up the form
before June 16


Get selected

Based on your interest
and an interview


Start learning

About a career in Psychology


Saantvan Mental Health Services is a team of qualified Psychologists who have experience in conducting psychological assessments and working with individuals, couples and families. For instance, their focus is to de-stigmatize mental illness and provide therapy designed as per individual needs. Moreover, they have engaged in corporate space and created awareness regarding mental health through workshops, interventions, and personal sessions. Similarly, they are also associated with schools and non-governmental organisations to promote psychological well–being with a belief that help should be accessible to everyone in need because healing matters!

Minal Mohite

Minal Mohite is a certified Counseling Psychologist who has completed her M.A. in counselling psychology. After working in Corporate HR for 11 years, her passion led her to the field of psychology. Minal has been associated with NGOs & schools where she has worked with children and adolescents from marginalized backgrounds. Moreover, she has also worked with various stakeholders to create awareness and sensitize them about mental health. In addition, apart from running her private practice, she works actively in the field of trauma and child sexual abuse. In conclusion, Minal has vast experience in individual as well as group therapy.

Visit Minal’s LinkedIn Profile here

Surbhi Joshi

Surbhi is a certified Psychologist and Psychotherapist who holds an M.A. in Clinical Psychology. In addition, she has previously worked at the D.Y Patil Hospital and KLS Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. Currently, Surbhi runs her private practice and has experience in administering psychological tests and providing individual therapy to children, adolescents, and adults. Moreover, she has played an instrumental role in creating awareness regarding mental health through workshops for corporations, designing interventions, and providing therapeutic services. Additionally, Surbhi is a trained trauma therapist in EMDR.

Visit Surbhi’s LinkedIn Profile here

Dr. Akshay Chordia

Dr. Akshay Chordia is a Psychiatrist and Sexologist. He has completed his MD in Psychiatry from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and Hospital, Sion, Mumbai. In addition, Dr. Chordia has been in the post of Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Sion Hospital. Moreover, he has been working extensively with various social organizations to create mental health awareness and provide treatment for marginalized populations in the community. He has received the Lundbeck Academic Excellence Award ( Gold medal ) for his work in 2019. He is currently practising as a Consultant at Anandvan Wellness Centre and Cure Health Center, Vasai.

Visit Dr. Akshay’s LinkedIn Profile here

Note: This is a Mentorship for students (14-to-18-year-olds) in India to get introduced to a career in Psychology. However, the certificate will only be provided to students who successfully complete their project, submit their assignments on time and participate in the live classes. At the same time, our students use the certificate for college applications, résumé or portfolios. The certificate strictly cannot be used to practice therapy or counselling on persons dead or alive.

Got a question?

How much does the course cost?
The fee for the certified Mentorship in Psychology is Rs. 9500/- (all-inclusive). However, this is to be paid only after the student is shortlisted for the program.
Why is there a fee?
This mentorship is an exclusive mentorship with a maximum of 20 students per class, made better through online delivery and an intensive curriculum. A minimal fee is charged to sustain ourselves, pay our staff for the maintenance of our organization, and to the mentors who invest significant effort and time in conducting personalized training with you.
When is the Mentorship?

The new batch for this Career Mentorship in Psychology is planned from June 24 to August 07, every Monday and Wednesday, 5 PM to 6:30 PM IST. We recommend students submit their application in advance before the seats get full for the mentorship program.

Who is eligible?

The program is for students (14-to-18-year-olds) across the world who are curious to explore a career in Psychology or more importantly, have a keen interest in mental health studies.

Confused about a career?

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