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Explore a Career in Fashion Design

Love Fashion? Curious about a Career in Fashion Design? National award-winning Fashion Designer, Archana Rao, will personally mentor a few high schoolers (aged 13 to 18) in the lucrative field of Fashion Design to help them
make an informed career decision.

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CERTIFIED PROGRAM FEE: Rs. 10,000/- (all inclusive) is partnering with national award-winning fashion designer, Archana Rao to offer a few students (13-to-18 years old) an online career mentorship in Fashion Design. This is a certified experience exclusively curated for pre-college students to explore a career in Fashion before making their career decision.

So, if you wonder how fashion works, wish to experience the know-how of creating clothes that set the trends or just looking to learn from an expert – here’s an opportunity to be mentored by an experienced industry professional, Archana Rao herself.

Mentorship Program Dates & Timings: To be Announced Soon

Certified Program Fee: Rs. 10,000/- (all inclusive)

Career Introduction

Explore first-hand what it takes to be a Fashion Designer as Archana Rao, your new mentor, reveals the reality of the fashion industry. Moreover, get introduced to the difference between premium and fast fashion, exploring their unique approaches and impacts. You also dive into the history of fashion, discovering the influential factors that have shaped the vibrant industry we know today.

Elements of Fashion Design

Build a solid foundation in Fashion Design as you learn the fundamentals of this craft. Join Archana Rao in exploring the crucial role of textures, shapes, and forms in creating visually stunning garments. Through examples and practical exercises, you will learn how to use these elements to improve your own designs and communicate your ideas effectively.

Fashion Illustration – Basics and Stylized (Part 1)

Learn the principles that underpin fashion design, understanding how to illustrate balanced and aesthetically pleasing outfits. In this exclusive session, Archana teaches the nuances of body types and proportions, allowing you to tailor and design your own outfits accordingly. In addition, you witness Archana sketching her outfits live, the preferred tools she uses in her sketching process and the methods used to bring her designs to life.

Fashion Illustration (Part 2), Fashion Forecasting & Trends

Building on the previous session, we continue our exploration of fashion illustration with a strong focus on techniques to bring your own fashion ideas to life.

Additionally, we will delve into the exciting world of fashion forecasting and trend analysis, understanding how to anticipate and incorporate emerging market trends into your own design ideas. Archana here will also teach key techniques to create collections that are relevant to the market and client. Eventually, you will learn this by developing mood boards and translating your research into a cohesive design concept.

Business of Fashion

In this session, we shift our focus to the business aspects of the fashion world. Archana Rao walks you through the process of starting your own fashion line, discussing key considerations such as sourcing materials, production and budgeting. Furthermore, Archana also delves deeper into personal branding and creating a unique identity for your target audience using cross-channel marketing tools. If you dream of starting your own fashion line someday, this session is not to be missed.

Fashion Week, Careers and More

Wonder how prominent Fashion Weeks and Trade Shows work? In this session, you get to learn the inner workings of leading fashion events like New York or Paris Fashion Week.

Your mentor, Archana also introduces you to diverse and exciting careers in the Fashion Industry that could match your interest and potential. If you are thinking about the difference between Fashion Technology and Fashion Design, this session is for you.

By the end of this program, you are sure to be ready to navigate the fashion industry with confidence and knowledge.

Fashion Collection

During the final week, Archana Rao will personally review your work from the Mentorship program and provide individual guidance on developing your own collection and style. This session can also be a group project, allowing you to collaborate with your class peers to create a cohesive, relevant, and creative collection.

Additionally, Archana will delve into stress management techniques necessary to navigate the fast-paced fashion industry successfully. Moreover, this session will explore strategies to ignite and channel your creativity effectively, ensuring a consistent flow of innovative ideas throughout your professional journey.

What will I Learn?

This is an intensive Career Mentorship for high schoolers interested or curious about a career in Fashion Design. Moreover, shortlisted students work directly with the fashion designer, Archana Rao to see if fashion design is their true calling.

The curriculum and topics are designed by Archana Rao herself who is looking to make high schoolers aware of the fashion profession along with the industry skills required in this day and age.

We will inform you once applications open

Sessions to be conducted live on Zoom
Program Fee: Rs. 10,000/- (all inclusive)

Watch Archana Rao talking about her journey of pursuing Fashion Design.

The Mentorship Process

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Archana Rao

Archana Rao is a National Award winning fashion designer based in Hyderabad. She takes inspiration from effortless multicultural traditions and all things vintage. After graduating from NIFT, she pursued an AAS degree from Parsons school of Design, New York. She launched her label in the year 2011 and debuted in India with Lakme Fashion Week under the gen-next category.

Over the past years, Archana Rao has carved a niche for herself among the fashion romantics with her brand’s aesthetic which is balanced between structure & feminine sophistication, featuring intricate embroideries and trimmings on a myriad of surface techniques.

Visit Archana’s Website here

Note: This is a Mentorship for students (13-to-18-year-olds) globally to get introduced to a career in Fashion. The certificate will only be provided to students who successfully complete their project, submit their assignments on time and participate in the live mentoring sessions. Our students use the certificate for college applications, résumé or building their portfolio.

Got a question?

How much does the Mentorship cost?
The fee for the certified Mentorship in Fashion Design with Archana Rao is Rs. 10,000/- (all-inclusive). This is to be paid only after the student is shortlisted for the mentorship.
Why is there a fee?
This mentorship is an exclusive mentorship with a maximum of 25 students per class, made better through online delivery and an intensive curriculum designed by an industry expert. A minimal fee is charged to sustain ourselves, pay our staff for the maintenance of our organization, and to the mentors who invest significant effort and time in conducting personalized training with the student.
When is the Mentorship?

Dates and Timings to be announced soon. This Mentorship will only be conducted with a minimum participation of 20 students per group. Students can apply for the program by filling out the application form. We will inform the registered students of the new dates and timings. The fee is only to be paid after the seat is confirmed.

Who is eligible?
The program is for students (13-to-18-year-olds) across the world who are curious to learn about a career in Fashion or would like to explore their career interests.

Confused about a career?

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