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Mentorship Program
in Civil Aviation (Pilot)

Meet CAPT. FARAH KHAN PETHE: A Commercial Airline Pilot who has worked for more than 23 years with Jet Airways (India) Private Limited on the Boeing 737.  Traveled around 45 destinations including 14 international countries taking more than millions of passengers across the globe. She is also a Certified Life Transformation Coach, Motivational Speaker, and an Author.

If you wonder about a career as a Pilot, have questions about making a career choice, join us for a Certified Mentorship Program in Civil Aviation (Pilot) with CAPT. FARAH KHAN PETHE.

Exclusively for Students: 15-to-25-year-olds only
Dates: June 19th to 7th July

Fee: Rs. 4550/- (all inclusive)

Unherd India, in association with CAPT. FARAH KHAN PETHE, is offering a Mentorship Program for a few students to learn about a Career as a Pilot, first-hand from an experienced professional herself.

Dates: June 19th to July 7th
Day and Timing: Wednesday (4 PM to 5 PM) and,
Saturday (11 AM to 12 noon)

What will I Learn?

In the exclusive Live Mentorship sessions, students
(15-25-year-olds) get an opportunity to learn in detail about a Career as a Commercial Pilot, first-hand from CAPT. FARAH KHAN PETHE. The Mentorship aims to provide career guidance to the participants and educate them about Aviation (Pilot).


Date: 19th June to 7th July,
every Wednesday (4 PM to 5 PM), and
Saturday (11 AM to 12 noon)


Get introduced to the various career opportunities as a Pilot, eligibility criteria, the procedure to apply, work expectations, and more.


From communication to critical thinking, learn what skills it takes to be a Pilot directly from the Capt. Farah.


Note the colleges, salary expectations, and tips that Capt. Farah shares exclusively with you based on her experience as a pilot and a trainer.


Start your journey to be a Pilot as you map your skills, interests, and potential to your dream career.

The Mentorship Process

Apply online

Fill up our application form before June 10th


Get selected

Based on your application and interview round


Start learning

About a Career as a Pilot with CAPT. FARAH

Meet your mentor,

A Commercial Airline Pilot for Jet Airways (India) Private Limited and a trainer on Boeing 737, CAPT. FARAH KHAN PETHE has worked for more than 23 years in the field of CIVIL AVIATION. She has flown millions of people across the globe to around 45 destinations including 14 international countries. CAPT. FARAH is also a Certified Life Transformation Coach, Public Motivational Speaker, and an Author.

With her immense experience not only flying but also in team management, leadership, conflict resolution, and interpersonal skills, CAPT. FARAH is continuing her journey of helping others. These thoughts have inspired her to educate future CIVIL AVIATION aspirants about this lucrative profession.

In this one-of-a-kind ‘Career Conversation Class’, CAPT. FARAH plans to share her knowledge, skills, and learnings online with a few students curious about a Career as a Commercial Pilot.

Got a question?

How much does the Mentorship cost?
The fee for the certified Mentorship costs Rs. 4550/- and is exclusively for students, 15-to-25-year-olds that are curious about studying Civil Aviation in India.
Why is there a fee?
This Mentorship is an exclusive mentorship with a maximum of 20 students per class, made better through online delivery and an intensive curriculum. A minimal fee is charged to sustain ourselves, pay our staff for the maintenance of our organization, and to the mentors who invest significant effort and time in conducting personalized training for you.
When is the Mentorship?
The Mentorship Program with Capt. Farah Khan will be conducted from June 19th to July 7th, every Wednesday (4 PM to 5 PM IST) and Saturday (11 AM to 12 noon).
How to contact you?
For any queries or questions on this session, please write in to us: You will receive a response within 24 hours.

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