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Explore a Career in Architecture

Award-winning Architecture firm, Kamat & Rozario is offering a unique industry opportunity for a few pre-college students (aged 14 to 18) to learn about a Career in Architecture at their creative studio in Bengaluru.

Selection based on interest form and phone interview
May 11 to June 8,
every Saturday, 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM IST

CERTIFIED PROGRAM FEE: Rs. 7650/- (all inclusive)

Curious about a Career in Architecture? Wish to learn about this lucrative field before making your career choice? Kamat & Rozario, an award-winning firm, is offering 14-to-18-year-old students a unique opportunity to explore Architecture at their Bengaluru studio.

So, if you wish to see first-hand how architects work, how spaces are designed or just looking to learn from experienced professionals – here’s an opportunity to be mentored
by a team of architects at Kamat & Rozario.

Mentorship Program Dates & Timings: May 11 to June 8,
every Saturday 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM IST

Program Location: Kamat & Rozario’s studio near Ulsoor Lake, Bengaluru.

Certified Program Fee: Rs. 7,650/- (all inclusive)

Career Introduction

What is Architecture? What do architects do? Learn first-hand what it takes to be an architect as your mentors introduce you to the industry. Moreover, students delve into the captivating world of architectural history & explore the evolution of architectural styles. Plus, enjoy a special tour of Kamat & Rozario’s office, where you see how architects work in a creative and collaborative atmosphere.

Design Principles & Model Making

In this Module, students dive into the principles of architectural design, focusing on geometry, form, and functionality. They learn how to translate their design ideas into three-dimensional forms and develop a strong foundation of architectural concepts.

Analyzing Shapes: Footprints and Floor Plans

In this session, students explore the importance of footprints and floor plans in architecture. They analyze Kamat & Rozario’s projects, comparing the shapes from a top view. Through this, they gain insights into how floor plans assist architects in visualizing and organizing spaces.

Additionally, students delve into the concept of designing with purpose and consider the factors architects take into account. They also reflect on how their own designs influence their perception and understanding of spaces.

Materials & Sustainability

Kamat & Rozario love this planet. They believe that being green means being receptive to the climate and to available materials. In their teaching approach, they emphasize the importance of selecting materials that minimize environmental impact while ensuring durability and functionality.Through this module, the mentors aim to inspire the next generation of architects to create design spaces that is in harmony with the environment.

Lighting & Shadows

What role does light and shadow play in designing spaces? Drawing inspiration from renowned architects, students learn the interplay between lighting and shadows that draws connections to the concept of positive and negative spaces. Moreover, students are prompted to reflect on how these elements contribute to the creation of unique and engaging spaces around them.

What will I Learn?

This Career Mentorship program is specifically designed for school students (aged 14 to 18) who have a keen interest or curiosity about pursuing a career in Architecture. It offers a unique opportunity for selected students to gain direct exposure to the profession through the guidance of experienced architects at Kamat & Rozario.

With the curriculum and topics thoughtfully crafted by Kamat & Rozario, the program aims to raise awareness among high schoolers about the architectural field and equip them with relevant industry skills.

Internship in Architecture
Back in 2019, Kamat & Rozario completed their first career mentorship program with 12 high schoolers at their studio in Bengaluru.

To receive a Certificate, all students are expected to present a final project that demonstrates their knowledge and learnings gained throughout this Mentorship Program.

The Mentorship Process

Apply online

Fill the application form here before May 9


Get selected

Based on your interest
and a phone interview


Start learning

About a career
in Architecture


Architecture Internship in Bangalore

Kamat & Rozario is a Bangalore-based Architecture firm established in 2007. With a multi-disciplinary approach, they specialize in architecture, interior design, and furniture design. Guided by their unique beliefs, they embrace uncharted paths, react instinctively to design problems, and prioritize the birth of beautiful ideas.

Sustainability holds significant value to them, as they recognize the importance of incorporating context and climate into their designs. Their exceptional work has been recognized with prestigious awards and accolades, including the recent Godrej Geeves Awards 2023 and the NDTV Design & Architecture Awards 2016.

In this one-of-a-kind “Career Mentorship Program”, an experienced team of architects at Kamat & Rozario aim to share their knowledge, skills, and insights to a select group of school students at their studio in Bengaluru. This mentoring experience serves as a unique opportunity that the team wishes they had when they were in school, where such programs provide valuable guidance and foster the next generation of aspiring architects.

Learn more about Kamat & Rozario’s work here

NOTE: This career mentorship is exclusively for pre-college students (aged 14 to 18) in Bengaluru who would like to explore their career interest in architecture. Upon successful completion of the final project and active participation in the program, students will be awarded a certificate from and Kamat & Rozario. This industry experience could be used for college applications, resume, or portfolio development purposes.

Got a question?

How much does the Mentorship cost?

The fee for the certified Mentorship in Architecture with Kamat&Rozario is Rs. 7,650/- (all-inclusive). This is to be paid only after the student is shortlisted for the mentorship. Selection based on application form and phone interview (if required).

Why is there a fee?
This mentorship is an exclusive mentorship with a maximum of 15 students per class, made better through an intensive curriculum designed by the industry. A minimal fee is charged to sustain ourselves, pay our staff for the maintenance of our organization, and to the mentors who invest significant effort and time in conducting personalized career training with the student.
When is the Mentorship?

The Kamat & Rozario Mentorship Program is scheduled to take place from May 11 to June 8, every Saturday, 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM IST at their studio located near Ulsoor Lake, Bengaluru. To find the exact location of their office, you can refer to Google Maps by clicking here. All shortlisted students are kindly requested to arrange their own transportation to and from the office premises for this mentorship program.

Who is eligible?
The program is for students (14-to-18-year-olds) based in Bengaluru who are curious to learn about Architecture before making their career decision.

Confused about a career?

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