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What are the Career Options in Artificial Intelligence?

by | Jul 6, 2021 | Tech Whiz

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises some of the most important and revolutionary innovations of this century; self-driving cars, robotic assistants, and automatic disease diagnosis are all products of the emerging Artificial Intelligence Revolution that will change our lives. In recent years, the demand for talented engineers has doubled, and it is hoped that enthusiasts engaged in cutting-edge AI research and development will have endless opportunities. Top-tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook are some of the companies that have open positions in this field! This is an ideal time to venture into the field of Artificial Intelligence and construct a career out of it. If you’re interested and want to experience a unique mentorship in this field you should Explore a Career in Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Tech Company, Skcript..

Here are some career options that you could explore if you are inclined towards Artificial Intelligence-

  • Data Scientist

In easy language, a Data Scientist’s day-to-day job is to process and investigate records/data for actionable insights. Devising and making use of algorithms to mine and interpret big data designing data patterns.

Tools/knowledge required- Tools like Hadoop, Hive or Spark will be used in this field. The candidate should also have knowledge of programming languages like SQL or Python.

Education- A Master’s Degree in Computer Science or Mathematics. Significant Machine Learning experience would be beneficial as well.

  • Machine Learning Engineer

A Machine Learning Engineer specifically designs programs for machines to carry out tasks efficiently. They are concerned with constructing, designing and maintaining self-efficient software programs.

Tools/knowledge required- Programming, Computing, and Mathematics in addition to Python, R, Scala, and Java are required.

Education- A Master’s Degree in computer science or mathematics.

  • Robotics Engineer

A Robotics Engineer designs prototypes, builds and checks machines, and works on the software program that controls them. They additionally research about and analyze more cost-efficient procedures to develop their robot system and its working.

Tools/knowledge required- CADD (computer-aided drafting and design) packages, advanced Math skills including algebra and trigonometry, and practical skills in mechanics and electronics are required.

Education- It is preferable to have a Master’s Degree in Mathematics or Computer Science.

  • Computer Vision Engineer

Computer Vision Engineering is an interdisciplinary area that offers how computer systems may be made to benefit and develop an advanced understanding from virtual pictures and videos. Engineers use and maintain scripts and codes of applications that use ‘Computer Vision’ to spot and position bound objects for robots to choose and place. It is a branch of computing that tries to duplicate human analytical processes through the usage of algorithms.

Tools/knowledge required- Knowledge of Parallel Computing, OpenCL and GPGPU, Mapping, LiDAR perception and Sensor Fusion would be required.

Education- A Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or Mathematics is essential. Experience in Machine Learning and development of Computer Vision Algorithms would also be necessary.

  • Business Intelligence Developer

These developers identify various business trends by analyzing large data sets. They assist in increasing a company’s earnings by preparing, developing, and nurturing business intelligence solutions. They also aid in the optimization of various processes and workflows throughout the firm/company.

Tools/knowledge required- Knowledge of Computer Programming and Data Sets, SQL servers and queries along with Data Warehouse Designing are the prerequisites for this career.

Education- A Bachelor’s Degree in Computers, Mathematics or Engineering.

  • Big Data Engineer

A Big Data Engineer’s job is to build an ecosystem that allows business systems to communicate effectively. Their essential responsibility is to create and manage an organization’s big data. They must also perform the task of obtaining results from huge data in a reliable manner.

Tools/knowledge required- Knowledge of programming languages like Python, R and Java are necessary. Knowledge of SQL and Apache Spark would be an added benefit.

Education- Degrees in Data Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems degrees, Data Science degrees, Big Data degrees and Analytics degrees are the various options that one could go for.

  • AI Data Analyst

Data Analytics is a term that describes a technology that analyzes data and develops patterns from it. An AI data analyst’s main responsibility is to carry out functions of data mining, data cleansing, and data interpretation. An AI Data Analyst collaborates with technology teams, management, and data scientists to establish objectives, mine data from primary and secondary sources, clean and dissect data to remove extraneous data, and analyze and interpret results using statistical methods.

Tools/knowledge required- Some of the top skills for Data Analysts include SQL, Microsoft Excel, R or Python-Statistical Programming and Data Visualization

Education- A Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or Computer Science is required to work as an AI data analyst.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a type of technology that attempts to mimic the human mind in areas such as analysis and learning. AI is programmed to make inferences from data, comprehend concepts, learn on its own, and even communicate with humans and is one of the fastest-growing fields in tech and science! If you are sure that this is something that you’d like to pursue and are looking for colleges that could provide you with the required skill set, find colleges best suited for you!

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