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How 4 Teenagers Went About Making Their Career Decision

by | Oct 1, 2022 | Creative Mind, People Person

This story was written by our student, Atharva Kokate. The views shared in these interviews on career decisions are solely of the students that have been interviewed.

I always had this question in school, What Career Should I pursue? In a country where engineers and doctors are dime a dozen it’s important to get perspective on other career options and thus be more informed; more informed to make a career decision. To get such perspective, I asked some of my close friends from varying fields to let me into their thought processes and how they went about making their decision, and what they feel about it; here are some excerpts from the conversation we had.

Those mentioned here are undergraduate students, therefore things are still bound to change for them in the future and their opinions and aspirations can still change. Moreover, we are using their names after taking their permission. Views expressed here are of my friends, but I do hope that it helps you get a perspective on how students from diverse fields and interests went about making their career decisions. 

2. Shrawani (Medical Student)

3. Amogh (Design/Aviation Student)

4. Arjun (Architecture Student)

These conversations prove that every person has a unique approach to life (although there appears to be a unanimous decree on how the education system fails to provide meaningful opportunities to most of its students) and has a different thought process to things, what works for them may or may not work for you.

The interview was conducted by our student, Atharva Kokate. The responses to these questions are views solely of the students and shared upon permission.

Atharva is a medical student who received Career Guidance by attending Unherd’s Industry Mentorship Programs. You can read about his career mentoring experience here.

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Written by

Written by

Atharva Kokate

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