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    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Explore a lucrative career in the rapidly growing field of AI
    30 June – 9 July 2020
    Total Duration: 8 Hours

    An exclusive mentorship for high school girls interested in pursuing a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), Unherd’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) mentorship program has been curated by experienced industry professionals from AI company, Skcript.

    What will I Learn?

    Interact with women scientists and engineers from the industry and learn more about the work they do, the basics of AI and the skillsets needed to be successful in the field.

    Get Introduced

    Learn fundamental concepts of AI, machine learning algorithms and models that are used in the industry.

    Stay Updated

    From cybersecurity to face recognition, learn about the latest developments in the field of AI.

    Understand Techniques

    Get the coding standards from industry professionals and implement techniques with practical exercises.

    Learn to Code

    Build a foundation in Python (the programming language used most widely in AI) through hands-on activities.

    Build a Game

    Get immersed in gaming technology as you challenge artificial intelligence through your code.

    Get Certified

    Use our certification for college or job applications by adding it to your resume/portfolio.

    The Mentorship Process

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    A career in Artificial Intelligence

    Meet your Mentor

    Skcript is a technology consulting company helping businesses with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Product Development.

    Swaathi Kakarla (CTO, Open Source Contributor & Author)
    An avid coder since the age of 15, Swaathi started the company during her college days and has since expanded to Dubai, Chennai and Bangalore. Swaathi is a core contributor for Ruby on Rails and runs the Women Tech Maker program in collaboration with Google.

    Nivedhithaa Govindaraj (AI, RPA and Python Developer)
    Nivedhithaa has worked on key projects involving emerging technologies for First Abu Dhabi Bank and Dubai World Trade Center among others.

    Got a question?

    How much does the course cost?

    The fee for the two-day certified mentorship is Rs. 1500/-.

    Do you offer scholarships?

    100% scholarships are awarded to students based on financial need, aptitude, and genuine interest in the program. The decision lies solely with the selection committee. For more details please write in to us:

    What is the duration of the program?

    The program will be conducted on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) for a total of 5 hours. Students will need to spend extra time outside class to work on their assignments assigned to them by their mentors.

    Confused about a career?

    Unherd offers mentorship classes on diverse potential careers, for 13 to 18 year-olds, based on their current interest, potential and skillsets.